Communities: Employment & Education

Bauxite mining companies aim to ensure the wealth generated by mining is shared throughout the community, providing employment and education that will benefit future generations.

As the demand for aluminium grows, mining operators can be catalysts for positive change. Many mines are located in sparsely populated areas, so mining and refining companies have a crucial role to play in developing local communities and providing economic benefits. 

Beyond addressing immediate economic needs, investing in well-paid local employment shows that bauxite mining companies are committed to the development of the regions in which they operate.  

Education serves as the cornerstone of societal progress. By allocating resources to education and training programmes and investing in schools, bauxite companies are providing for both the present and the future. While education programmes ensure that a skilled workforce is available to the industry, they also have wider benefits for the local community.  

For example, education and training programmes mean other local industries and businesses can be developed, sustaining the community’s development and enrichment after the mine is closed. By introducing accepted labour standards, communities are set up with the foundations and skills for fair, long-term employment conditions. 

Bauxite miners are investing in measures to provide social and economic benefits to local, regional and global communities. They aim to ensure that the wealth generated by mining is shared throughout the community and will also benefit future generations.

Global pre-mining population density (number of people per km² within 10 km of mine)