Aluminium scrap is variable in its shape, composition and contaminants.

It may be difficult to judge the risks to health and safety from storing and handling scrap, especially when charging baled material into the furnaces. Furnaces are hazardous unless managed and operated correctly. Most recycling plants have developed their own furnace operation manual. Such manuals include strict procedures on charging, operating furnaces, adding salt fluxes, furnace maintenance and emergency response.

Handling and casting molten metal is a potential hazard. Operations involving liquid aluminium must follow strict instructions and operator must use all the advised protection measures such as appropriate personal protective equipment.

As part of the safety measures inside the plant there should also be signs and rules for traffic, warning of moving vehicles and objects, safety footpath, temperature and other potential hazardous warnings

Apart from operational safety issues, product safety is addressed at global level through the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of classification and labelling of chemicals. All hazardous chemicals are required, based on GHS criteria, rules and guidance, to be classified and labelled and provided with safety data sheets.