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“Aluminium is not only the best material to protect the delicate flavours and aromas of our Grand Cru coffees, but it is also infinitely recyclable.” – visit Nesepresso

he lidded aluminium foil dish provides an ideal combination of characteristics. It is compact, attractive, fully protective yet easy to open and use. The lightness of the metal and the stacking format of the empty container offers space and handling economy during the filling processes and after use it is infinitely recyclable.

Aluminium’s total barrier quality is the principle reason for its use in screw caps, avoiding spoilage. Blind tasting tests by wine experts have borne out the fact that the aluminium screw cap brings a higher level of product consistency compared to cork and has no detrimental effect on wine quality. Visit Turn 360°.

When pressed into a shaped dish, aluminium foil memorises its shape, particularly where the folds and rims occur. Shape, thickness, alloy and temper can be selected to create exactly the performance characteristics required.